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A Marriott Resort is coming to St Martin’s Baie Nettle

Harmony Promotion and Marriott International, together with property investors, have announced the development of St Martin’s newest five-star hotel in Baie Nettle, scheduled to open in 2023.

According to the press release from Harmony Promotion the Marriott property comprises 168 rooms including 10 beach villas, four island villas, 22 suites and 132 guest rooms. It also includes a Spa Wellness Centre, two restaurants including a gourmet restaurant, reception and seminar rooms, a convention centre and shopping area, and a marina with eight luxury villas and 52 apartments.

The Marriott Lagoon Resort & Spa will be situated where the Dreams and Le Sand Restaurants were located prior to Hurricane Irma. The resort will also occupy land opposite on the Lagoon side.

The resort will be built around a coral pool, a key element of the project. It is a sandy-bottomed lagoon, supplied with filtered water from the sea, which structures and connects the whole project, physically and symbolically.

The walkways, made of compacted coral sand, will be integrated into the natural island landscape. The site will be densely planted along the pathways to ensure shaded circulation. The beach will remain a privileged place for walking and will be uninterrupted.

A central service ridge hidden by dense plantings will be accessible from the road and will group together all the constructions related to the operation of the hotel, directly linked to the public spaces and restaurants. Special attention will be paid to indirect lighting at night to ensure safety while preserving the atmosphere.

The project is scheduled to start in 2021 and will last for 25 months, with delivery in April 2023. The hotel’s high-level service will attract a discerning, well-heeled clientele. Some 1,000 jobs will be created during construction and 350 once the hotel is in operation.

Marriott International, the world’s leading hotel operator, with a total of 6,200 establishments throughout the world and more than 1 million rooms, will ensure a high standard for this project.

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