St Martin Yacht Charters & Sailing Vacations

Caribbean Sailing Vacations to St. Martin and Beyond

Stop dreaming of sailing in the Caribbean and make it your reality! Caribbean sailing vacations are the ideal way to see more of these tropical islands. Brimming with turquoise waters, fascinating history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine, there’s so much to discover.

When you’re on a Caribbean sailing vacation, you’ll have the chance to visit more than 5,000 islands, cays, and reefs that make up this treasure trove. From aboard a yacht charter, you can visit these picture-perfect areas to make your own unique vacation escape, stopping at the places that interest you most.

And for many travelers, St. Martin sailing vacations are easily the best option. A St. Martin yacht charter offers a better chance to stake your claim on the chic shores that await your discovery. With Caribbean vibes and European flair, you’ll find much to love about this charming destination. Your St. Martin sailing vacation lets you hop to the islands you want to see while clearing through the wide-open waterways that give way to remote shores.

St. Martin yacht charters give you more prestige and privacy too. Scope out the secluded island beaches and feel like the world is yours alone. It’s easier to keep your distance from other travelers and stick to your sailing adventure so you only have to unpack once.

Why Choose a St. Martin Yacht Charter for Your Caribbean Sailing Vacation?

St. Martin is quite popular for sailing. You’ll find casinos, shopping, fine dining, exciting nightlife, and gorgeous beaches with an unspoiled quality. There are numerous natural reefs with sunken ships that are home to brightly-hued tropical fish. Anchor up and discover what it feels like to have this beautiful paradise to yourself.

What makes St. Martin so spectacular for this sailing adventure is that there are so many offshore adventures. You can sail yourself or have a captain take you there. Beginning sailors and experienced alike will love commanding the waves and setting sail to this pristine locale.

As part of the Leeward Islands, St. Martin makes it easy to visit other Caribbean sailing destinations as well. With the trade winds blowing from the northeast to the east in November through March and southeast from April through October, you can find your way with ease. The climate here is pleasant year-round, and with such a simple way to get anywhere, you’ll love the luxury of charting your own course.

Stay longer in one area or draw up the anchor and keep moving. That’s what makes a St. Martin yacht charter your perfect option for a Caribbean sailing vacation. You can change course as you wish, stay longer, or simply let the way the wind blows carry you to your next destination.