Getting Around St Maarten

If you’re searching for information on how to get around St Maarten and St Martin, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! While the island is divided into both Dutch St Maarten and French St Martin (learn more about the history of St Maarten and the St Martin border division here), you can travel between both sides of the island freely without the worry of border control and toll booths. You can drive from one end of the island to the next in as little as 30-45 minutes (without traffic), and explore the best things to do on St Maarten.

When it comes to transportation options for getting around St Maarten, there are a few.

St Maarten Car Rental

Booking a car rental in St Maarten is cheap and easy, especially when you book with us! We have rental car deals in St Maarten as low as $35 with unlimited mileage and when you book early, you can save as much as 15% on rental cars in St Maarten. We definitely recommend booking in advance!

When you arrive at SXM Airport, you’ll be picked up just outside the Arrivals Hall and brought to the car rental agency’s office by minivan to complete your paper work before heading on your way to enjoy paradise. The code for Dutch St Maarten’s Airport is SXM and for French St Martin it’s SFG. These airport codes will come in handy when booking!

Similar to driving in the USA, you’ll drive on the right side of the road when driving around the island. Click here for more information on driving in St Maarten.

Getting a Taxi in St Maarten

Getting a taxi in St Maarten is quite easy. They line the outside of the airport’s terminal building and can take you anywhere you need to go around the island.

Do keep in mind that once night time sets in, taxi rates tend to get a bit pricey and many taxis are not readily available. If you think you’ll need a taxi at night, we highly suggest you make arrangements before hand, and take note of the name, license plate and phone number of the taxi driver.

General rates for taxis in St Maarten are:

  • From SXM Airport to Maho: $8
  • From SXM Airport to Philipsburg: $20
  • From SXM Airport to Marigot: $20
  • From SXM Airport to Grand Case: $35
  • From SXM Airport to Orient Beach: $35
  • and from SXM Airport to Anse Marcel: $45

Tip: Most drivers only accept cash. It’s also best to have smaller bills. Agree on the fare before getting into the taxi. 

Uber and Rideshare in St Maarten

There are no Uber services in St Maarten nor any other rideshare options here. You’ll have to take a taxi, use public transport or book a car rental in St Maarten.

St Maarten Public Bus Transport

When it comes to public transport on St Maarten, the only means is travel by bus. You won’t find a subway station or tram line here. The buses are government registered and the public transport fees are controlled by the local authorities. You can catch a bus at any of the island’s many bus stops, or simply flag down a bus heading in the right direction. Almost all buses indicate there final destination/ area on a sign in their front window. The price is typically anywhere between $1-3 per person. Almost all busses from Philipsburg and vise versa, make stops around Cole Bay, Simpson Bay, and Maho. If you want to travel a little further to Mullet Bay or Cupecoy, just ask the driver and he’ll appreciate an extra dollar tip.

Tip: Before you enter the bus, always confirm with the driver if he’s passing by your stop. 

Dutch St Maarten Public Bus Routes

  • Mullet Bay > Maho > Airport Road > Simpson Bay > Cole Bay > Philipsburg (Town) and return
  • Philipsburg > Cole Bay > Marigot and return
  • Philipsburg > Madame Estate > Dutch Quarter > French Quarter and return

French St Martin Public Bus Routes

  • French Quarter > Orient Bay > Hope Estate > Grand Case and return
  • Nettle Bay > Marigot > Grand Case and return

St Maarten Ferry

There is no public ferry service in St Maarten. However, there are private boat charters in St Martin with professional crew who can take you around the island to explore hidden beaches and offshore cays.

If you’re interested in booking a trip to experience the islands around St Maarten like Anguilla, Saba or St Barts, a St Maarten Ferry is a fantastic option to get you there. Click here for more information on island hopping and St Maarten Ferries.