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St Maarten is an island filled with activities to engage in and relaxation to enjoy. The hard part is figuring out what you want to do each day; choosing a beach to visit from the 37 sun-kissed beauties on the island; deciding what dining experience you want to enjoy; figuring out what keepsake will best suit your friends and family back home – these decisions will confound you in the best of ways.

Finding a place to stay? That’s the easy part! There are wonderful hotels to suit any budget on both the Dutch and the French sides of the island.

Top St Maarten Resorts

The island is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean because there are so many affordable St Maarten Resorts for the average person/family. The many beautiful resorts in St Maarten will allow you to stay within your budget while at the same time enjoy quality accommodation options in paradise. These Top St Maarten Resorts are in close proximity to popular tourist attractions, amazing beaches, and exciting St Maarten activities which are perfect for any Caribbean vacation escape!

Best Hotels in St Martin for Luxury

When it comes to choosing a truly luxurious Caribbean destination for your next trip, St Maarten is one of the best places to go. This particular location offers beautiful St Martin Boutique Hotels, miles of sandy beaches and a tropical landscape that is second to none. Those who wish to take a vacation in a truly beautiful place with a lot to offer in the way of scenery and sights will find that a St Martin vacation is the perfect spot overall. There are many different things to do in St Maarten and the weather is always warm with sunny skies which make it ideal for those who love to lie on the beach and bathe in the sun.

St Maarten Travel Insurance

Now that you've booked your St Maarten hotel, you may be questioning "Should I buy Travel Insurance for St Maarten?" The most recommended answer is yes. When booking your St Maarten vacation you should consider purchasing a travel insurance plan during hurricane season, when traveling with children or elderly relatives, or for any other unforeseen medical emergencies that can occur during your St Maarten trip. We highly recommend  AXA Travel Insurance: Redefining Service. Purchasing travel insurance to protect your trip will allow you the peace of mind while experiencing paradise.

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