St Maarten & St Martin – One Island Divided by a Border
February 1, 2016
Best Time to Visit St Maarten
February 1, 2016

If you’ve heard of St Maarten, you’re probably wondering where exactly the island is and we thought we’d help clear that up. St. Maarten – St Martin is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two countries – The Netherlands and France, i.e. Dutch St Maarten and French St Martin. Read more about St Maarten & St Martin – One Island Divided by a Border.

Where is St Maarten?

St Maarten lies in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 190 miles east of Puerto Rico. The convenient location of St Maarten in the North Eastern Caribbean makes it quite convenient to get to for travelers from the United States with direct flight options from most eastern major airport gateways including Miami, Charlotte, New York and New Jersey. Get the best deals on flights to St Maarten!

Located south of Anguilla, the island is separated from the British territory by the Anguilla Channel. French St Martin is northwest of St Barts, separated from the French territory by the Saint-Barthélemy Channel. It is one of the Renaissance Islands.

St Maarten Topographic Map

French Map of St Martin

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