The St Maarten – St Martin Border
February 1, 2016

Best Time to Visit St Maarten

If you’re planning a trip to St Maarten – St Martin, you’re probably wondering when is the best time to visit. In our opinion, anytime is the best time to visit our amazing island!

Vacation Prices

For the best available prices, the best time to visit St Maarten is late-April through June or between November and mid December, and it’s always cheaper to travel during the week as opposed to the weekend.


The weather on St Maarten is quite pleasant throughout the year, however, it can tend to get humid during the Summer months.

Off Season

During Fall, many restaurants, and accommodations (especially on French St Martin), tend to close for renovations, but are reopen in full swing just in time for Winter. St Maarten’s off season is also the Atlantic hurricane season, be sure to keep track on the latest weather patterns prior and during your travel at this time. The busiest season and priciest time of year on St Maarten is during Winter.

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