Saint Martin Museum
January 23, 2013
Hotel roof diving? #MahoBeach #StMaarten
January 10, 2016

Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit, nestled amongst Front Street’s duty free jewelry stores, is possibly the most surprising enterprise in the Caribbean. Who would expect to find Darth Vader, Pinhead from Hellraiser and Riddley Scott’s Alien in St Maarten? But this unprecedented showcase has that and a whole lot more. There are displays that span six decades of movie making, relics from The Terminator, Men in Black and even The Maltise Falcan. There’s also an incredible collection of lifecasts, the actual faces of Hollywood stars, From Bogart & Brando, though Sean Connery & Jack Nicholson. The collection is extended to include famous historical figures too…Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to support the museum and visit a Star Wars celebrity.

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