The Island of 37 Beaches

The island of 37 beaches, the 70km coastline of St. Martin is practically one entire stretch of tourist heaven. With some of the finest seascapes in the world, this unspoiled, quiet island nevertheless offers many hubs of activity. Each of St. Maarten’s beaches is unique reflecting the very rich diversity of the local culture. Ranked among the finest in the area, these fine beaches offer a range of activities and options from diving, to wakeboarding, from surfing, and windsurfing, and kitesurfing, to simply relaxing in the tropical sun on warm clean sands.

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Nettle Bay is a long stretch on the Caribbean side minutes away from Marigot town. The beach has a number of classy resort hotels, but is not an ideal location for swimming because there are rocks, and strong currents, but it is a pleasant place, although less frequented.

Grand Ilet is located along the middle of Simpson Bay Lagoon, and can only be reached by boat. This small, picturesque, and secluded beach is ideal for picnics.

Galisbay Beach is at the base of Fort Louis, and makes up the northern section of the Marigot bay. Baie de la Potence is not as attractive for visitors but the shipwreck is a point of interest.

Lovers’ Beach sits along the Pointe Arago, along the rocky coastline and is the smallest of the beaches on the island, big enough only for a couple at a time.

Anse Marcel is a magnificent, sheltered, developed beach close to the Port Lonvilliers resort to the north of St Maarten. Protected on either side, the beach has calm waters and is a popular family destination, and known for its marina and the shops.

Grandes Cayes is a larger on the Tintamarre island side. The beach is more popular with local Saint Martin families and for barbecues while visitors find it ideal for coral reef diving.

Baie Blanche is the most accessible bay and is located on Tintamarre’s west coast. It is perfect for swimming. Another beach is on the Eastern side of the Tintamarre, a few minutes from where visitors arrive. It is wilder and rockier, and not ideal to swim from, but has numerous fish species for the snorkeler.

Baie de l’Embouchure is the southwards extension of Galion Beach and extends to the Etang aux Poissons. This long strip of mangroves and sand are an important part of the local Nature Reserve, protected from the swells of the Atlantic by a ring of coral reef, yet open to the trade winds. This makes the bay a perfect location for windsurfing throughout the year.

Lucas’ Bay Beach, the last on the French St Martin side just before one gets to the Dutch portion. It is popular with amateur divers, but not much visited by regular tourists because it is exposed to both the Atlantic swells as well as the East winds.

Guana Bay is a picturesque and largely unspoiled beach facing Saint Barts and is not so often visited by tourists because of deep waters, a strong current, and undertow, although it is popular with the enthusiasts of water sports.

Geneve Bay is a well protected, secluded beach accessible only after a long hike beginning at Guana Bay. The way there is pleasant, and the waters are swimming pool smooth.

Pelican Cay is a small but pleasant beach near the resort hotels just across from Simpson Bay. This south-west beach offers some convenient tourist amenities.

Burgeaux Beach is a small beach further along the coast from Simpson Bay. Popular with surfers, this beach is not often frequented by daily visitors.