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February 1, 2016
French St Martin’s Carnival
February 1, 2016

St Maarten’s Carnival

Sint Maarten’s Carnival is quickly becoming one of the island’s largest festivities celebrated throughout April every year lasting for almost 2 weeks.

Locals on the island prepare months in advance for the Sint Maarten Carnival season, writing and rehearsing new jump up songs, designing costumes and putting the entire 2 week event together.

Two of the most well attended activities during the Sint Maarten carnival season is the road march and colorful parades. Travelers and spectators come from all over the world to take part in the island’s festivities.

There is also a Jouvert Jump Up, which is the largest street party for any Carnival festivities throughout the island. Jourvert starts normally in the early fore-day morning hours. The Grand Carnival Parade is usually an enormous march which celebrates the many cultures of Sint Maarten’s people and the surrounding Caribbean region.

The Closing Jump Up, also known as the “Last Lap”, would be the official marker which ends all of the Carnival festivities.

Some of the most popular shows during the Sint Maarten Carnival season include the senior and junior calypso competitions and pageants.

Local and Caribbean cuisine becomes the benchmark of colloquial awareness during this cultural festival and attracts both locals and visitors alike to the central performing arena called The Carnival Village, located in Philipsburg. Here, as many as one hundred booths are open and ready to serve you food, from traditional johnny cakes and chicken leg to curry dishes and roti.

You haven’t experienced the local beat and dance, until you see the wining sensation of the locals. The music puts you in that irie mood and there’s literally no escaping the beat!

Every year, each new Carnival season inspires fresh ideas and vibrant events, this is surely a festival season you won’t want to miss. Be sure and book your Sint Maarten vacation ahead of time and secure great deals and savings.

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