Don’t miss this tall ship at the Port of Marigot for Open Ship Day
February 5, 2020
Unusual aircraft visitor at SXM’s Airport
April 20, 2020

St Maarten Webcams to Watch During Quarantine

We hope you’re reading this from the comfort and safety of your home. We compiled a list of some of the live stream cameras in St Maarten so that even from afar, you can experience the friendly island on your screen. Until it’s safe to return to our shores once again, please enjoy and stay safe. And, if you haven’t already, now’s the perfect time to stand in solidarity with St Maarten, and purchase your I ❤ SXM T-Shirt online today!

SXM Airport & Maho Beach Live Stream 

If you’re familiar with the island, you’ll agree that St Maarten’s Maho Beach is the perfect destination for spectacular sunsets and watching jumbo jets. It’s the go-to hang out spot with lively music and booze. You’ll be lucky now though if you’re able to spot one of the medical or repatriation flights take off or land during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Sunset Beach Live Stream Cam gives a near perfect stream of Maho Beach and any incoming traffic, while the PTZtv Maho Beach Cam shows airport activity, aircraft landings and takeoffs.

Great Bay Beach Live Stream

St Maarten’s Great Bay Beach and Boardwalk is located in Philipsburg, the island’s capital and is the base for the island’s cruise tourism and duty free shopping. You’ll find everything that a tourist looks for: great food, a long stretch of white sandy beach and plenty of shopping! PTZtv’s Great Bay Beach Cam has a lovely live stream of the beach and cruise port.
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St Maarten Island Live Stream 

Looking for a panoramic live stream of the island with unobstructed views? PTZtv’s SXM Island Cam will not disappoint!

Are you missing the friendly island? We miss you too! We’ve sold more than 330, and now here’s your chance to Stand in solidarity with St Maarten, by purchasing your I ❤ SXM T-Shirt today! Orders are shipping right to your home.

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