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February 1, 2016
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February 1, 2016

St Maarten Facts & Tips

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St Maarten

The island of St Maarten is located in the northeast Caribbean, laying approximately 190 miles east of Puerto Rico. The island 37sq miles and is divided roughly 60/40 between France (20 sq mi) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands (13 sq mi). The island is the smallest land mass in the world to be divided between two nations, a division dating back to 1648. The southern part of the island comprises of Dutch Sint Maarten or St Maarten for short, and is one of four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The northern part of the island comprises the Collectivité de Saint-Martin (Collectivity of St Martin) and is an overseas collectivity of France.

Accommodations in St Maarten

St Maarten and St Martin has a very large and varied selection of accommodation options, both low and high-rise resorts & hotels are found here, timeshare properties, boutique inns, villas and guest houses. There are also numerous short term apartments available for rent as well as real estate opportunities.

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Traveling to St Maarten with Kids

St Maarten is a great place for the entire family. There are a number of family oriented tours on St Maarten that you are sure to enjoy. Reach out to us by email for more information at info@sintmaartenvacation.com. Several beach front resorts on St Maarten has daily activities scheduled just for kids, and then for the whole family too.

Drinking Water on St Maarten

The island’s tap water has not been collected from the earth but pulled from the sea, so it’s free of pesticides and other contaminants found in today’s soil. Once pulled from the sea, the water is transformed into steam, but through this process it looses its contaminants/minerals and becomes pure H2O. Chlorine and other water- treatments are added to the water before distribution. You can get rid of most of the added chemicals if you filter your water. Brita and Pure filter systems are available island wide.

St Maarten Electricity

Power failures do occur on the island from time to time, as it does everywhere else. Dutch St Maarten has adopted to the North American voltage standard of 110 A.C. (60 cycles), the name as in the United States and Canada, while French St Martin is set to 220 volts and may require the use of adapters.

St Maarten Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency – 911
  • Ambulance – 130 / 542-2111
  • Fire Station – 120 / 542-6001
  • Medical Center – 543-1111
  • Police Maritime – 542-2277
  • Police Patrol – 542-2222
  • Police Station Emergency – 111 / 542-2112
  • Weather – 545-4226

St Maarten High & Low Season

Seasons – High & Low

To get away from the crowds, perhaps it’s best that you plan your visit to St Maarten during low season, which is generally from mid April to mid November.

From Thanksgiving weekend, several events take place on St Maarten and include the Heineken Regatta which takes place the first week of March, and Carnival in April all drawing considerable crowds.

St Maarten Service Charge

When included, the service charge on food and beverage is normally around 10 to 15 per cent on St Maarten. At one’s own discretion an extra amount can be added for good service.

Shopping on St Maarten

Most stores open from 9am through 6:30pm, although some remain open until 7pm. Shops are open from Monday to Saturday, on Sundays at their discretion. Groceries are open from 8am – 8/9pm. Hotel stores have varying open hours. Mall store hours are 10am – 7pm.

Special Facilities

St Maarten has limited facilities for disabled persons. Most resorts on St Maarten can accommodate disabled persons. Let our team of island experts assist with your hotel reservations. Contact us by email at info@sintmaartenvacation.com.

Time on St Maarten

St Maarten is set to Atlantic Standard Time.

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