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No other island in the Caribbean comes as close to the French Riviera than St Barts – home to the rich and famous. Enjoy world class shopping here, you won’t find any other place for a chic spree in all the Caribbean. With all the luxuries the island offers, it’s the talk of top magazines in the cities of New York and Paris .

If you enjoy cultural heritage, be sure to venture into Gustavia and discover many charming places including the Anglican Church and the Governor’s Mansion. Nature lovers and sun bathers are sure to enjoy the natural pools and white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. For an unforgettable experience, duck below the surface and explore the many diving opportunities available here.

End the day with a culinary journey. For a touch of St Tropez, head for the promenade in town and have a drink at the Yacht Club. Euros are preferred but the US$ is widely accepted here.

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