St Barts’ Nikki Beach is open again!

    If you’re every contemplating booking a day trip to St Barts with the Edge Ferry from St Maarten, visiting the iconic Nikki Beach club on St Jean beach is a must!

    Just this week, the renowned and newly renovated beach club reopened for its first full season since last year’s hurricanes and features an all new outdoor restaurant, bar, boutique, kitchen and rotisserie, all with the brand’s signature look.

    “Nikki Beach is about the Celebration of Life and creating lasting memories with friends and family” says Jack Penrod, Chairman and Owner, Nikki Beach Global.

    And yes, Nikki Beach will be hosting its popular New Year’s Eve Bash this year for what should be a booming festive season on the island.

    The beach club officially reopened on Friday, October 26.

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