Fort Louis
September 10, 2016
Loterie Farm
September 10, 2016

Marigot Market & Shopping Center

Marigot, the capital city of French St Martin is also the shopping center. Chic, designer boutiques and fashion stores are prominent here.

Take a stroll towards the waterfront, where every week on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, an open-air market is set up offering a colorful array of homegrown produce, tropical fruits and spices, and freshly caught fish. It is a perfect opportunity for mingling, people watching, and just sampling the food. Across from the market are the “Lolo’s”, featuring local food, arts and crafts.

Not too far away you’ll find the Le West Indies Shopping Mall, a two story emporium on Rue de la République, with a selection of stores featuring luggage and cigars, liquor and electronics, fashion and electronic items.

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