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September 10, 2016
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January 5, 2017

5 Dive Sites in St Maarten You Can’t Miss

If you’re looking for awesome scuba diving in the Caribbean, St Maarten is the perfect destination. This island is beautiful on land, but it’s even more stunning below the surface of the sea and there’s constantly new places to discover! There’s no end to interesting dive locations around the island. Here are five to start with.

1. Wreck of the Gregory

The Gregory sunk naturally about 15 years ago. It must have been a huge bummer for whoever owned it, but it’s great for divers! There are countless species of marine animals that live in and around the wreck. You’ll see a lot of different kinds of fish, as well as all the cool stuff: sharks, massive barracudas, and turtles. Another perk to diving the Gregory is that it’s close enough to the reef for a quick excursion among the corals. You really get two experiences in one during this dive.

2. Japanese Garden

If you want to see lush coral, awesome wildlife, and a varied landscape, then you should definitely dive Japanese Garden. This site is near Tintamarre, the flat island off the northern coast of French Saint Martin. It’s rarely frequented by people, so it’s in excellent condition. The area gets its name from the sunken garden at the western end of the site.

3. Circus

Circus is an especially fun place for divers who like swimming through tunnels and caves. There are a lot of lava tubes in this site, so you can get a chance to see marine life that you won’t find in open waters. Circus is also one of the dives where you are likely to be able to look at or even swim with wild dolphins.

4. The Proselyte

This is the wreck of an 18th Century Dutch ship that sank in the early 1800s. It’s been sleeping beneath the waves so long that you can’t swim through it or even really see much of a ship left, but the coral has grown beautifully around it and created a ship-shaped reef. Some of the ships elements, like the anchors and cannons, are easy to spot. It’s rather other-worldly and romantic. You’ll also probably get to see some reef sharks swimming around the wreck.

5. Turtle Reef

Turtle Reef is not a particularly deep dive, but it is a place bursting with color and life. Since it’s close to the surface, you’ll be able to spend a lot of time at the bottom, blending in with the fish and other aquatic animals. As you can tell from the name, there are a lot of turtles in the area! You’re guaranteed to see some of them calmly perusing the coral reef.

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