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October 8, 2011

4 Historical Sites in Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin that’s worth a visit

Are you planning to visit Sint Maarten on your next Caribbean vacation? Here are 4 Historical Sites reminiscent of the island’s rich past.

Fort Louis

Fort Louis was built as part of King Louis XIV of France’s vision to defend its properties in the Caribbean. Guarding the Baie de l’Embouchure, Fort Louis is reachable by foot and is famous for the spectacular view of Marigot and the nearby island of Anguilla. The location was chosen as a vantage point.

Mount Vernon Plantation

The Mount Vernon Plantation sits on two acres of the greenest valley you will see. St Martin island is the site of several old plantations and Mount Vernon takes visitors back to the age of sugar making. Today, the plantation has been restored to its authentic state and there are already guided tours in this area. Here, visitors will have a better idea on the process of making sugar, coffee and rum. Found in the plantation are tropical fruit trees and the rarest stone and wooden structures. Also, the plantation has a garden of spices, a sought after ingredient in cooking in Europe. A short walk away is Orient Bay.

Fort Amsterdam

Fort Amsterdam was given its name 270 years ago. Its walls and sentry houses show the unique process used to build ancient architecture. Used as a guardian of the Great Bay, the builders failed to consider the fact that cannons and guns cannot adequately span and guard the 1,600 meter-wide bay. The criss-crossed path leading to Fort Amsterdam is currently one of the best hiking trails in Sint Maarten.

Emilio Wilson Estate

Spanning the valley to the top of Sentry Hill in Sint Maarten is the Emilio Wilson Estate. This was an old sugar plantation and the home of John Philips, the first governor of Sint Maarten. This property was acquired by the von Romandts, one of the first settlers in the area. The estate was later sold to Emilio Wilson, hence its present name.

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    Can you tell me when the pottery in the museum at Emilo Wilson dates to? The pieces in the case in their museum.

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